Beckham buys “loo read” for £750

David Beckham has bought wife Victoria a book for Christmas, it’s no average deal, it’s a whopping £750. Limited edition signed copy of Valentino Garawani: The first name in fashion is one out of just 2000 copies. Pictures from the career of one of Posh’s favorite designers and commentary form leading fashion writers is featured in the book. “It will make for some good toilet reading for Victoria. Most people might get a puzzle or gardening book in their stocking –but Posh gets this”, said one of the sources. But ironically, the book seems apt for David and Victoria’s coffee table as each copy is covered in an “elegant” cloth and comes in a clamshell box, finished in Silk tinted in Valentino Red.

In 2005, Posh popularly admitted, she’d never read a book. Now we know her elite fashion sense is acquired and what’s going to turn her into a bookworm.