Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the highest earning couple of 2016 bringing in $107.5 million!

We may be only halfway through 2016, but the year’s highest-earning couple has already been crowned. Forbes named Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z as this year’s highest earners raking in $107.5 million in 2016. Bey alone brought in a whopping $54 million and snagged the number 34 spot on Forbes list of highest-earning celebrities. Hubby was a couple of spots behind at the Number 36 spot with a $53.5 million paycheck.

Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade was probably the catalyst for the couple’s earnings. The album debuted exclusively on Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service that Beyoncé owns a stake in. Queen B managed to elbow out her hubby, thanks to earnings from the 19 shows that she performed between June 15 and June 16 (that’s Forbes’ scoring period).

The couple is still far behind Taylor Swift, who raced to the top of the list with $170 million, which a big leap from last year’s comparatively meager $80 million. Others on the list were One Direction, writer James Patterson, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dr. Phil McGraw.

Beyoncé’s tall glass of lemonade probably tastes super refreshing right now.

[ Via : Forbes ]

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