Beyoncé Knowles: Richest star under age 30, worth $87 million

We knew that the sizzling singer, Beyoncé Knowles was making it big in her music career, but little did we know that she’d be rated as the richest star under 30, according to Forbes magazine. Apparently, she’s been positioned as No1 in June 2008 and June 2009, bagging $87 million in her kitty. Followed by her is F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen (29 years and 45 million), who has fared better than LeBron James (24 years and 40 million). Standing in the 4th position is pop star Britney Spears, aged 27 years and bagging a fortune of 35 million, followed by Tennis heartthrob Roger Federer aged 27 years and 33 million.

Ranked in the sixth position is Football player Ronaldinho (29 years and 30 million), followed by teen singer Miley Cyrus (16 years and 25 million), Jonas Brothers (16, 19 and 21 years and 25 million), supermodel Gisele Bundchen (28 years and 25 million), Maria Sharapova (22 years and 22 million). Taylor Swift concludes the list at age 19 and a fortune of 18 million. Let’s see who juggles in this list, or better, should we expect new players too?

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