According to a Microsoft employee, Bill Gates would come to work in a Mercedes but would abruptly drive off from office in a fancy Golden Brown Porsche to meet women

Is Bill Gates’ squeaky-clean image of a do-gooder tech nerd nothing but a carefully crafted public relations effort to hide the billionaire’s ‘uncomfortable’ workplace behavior, extramarital relationships, and dealings with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? The dirt continues to pile on Bill Gates ever since the announcement of his divorce from Melinda French Gates, his wife of 27 years, on May 4. It was always going to be murky and full of drama. But more and more insiders have started to come forward and share sensational details on the billionaire’s life and blow the lid off his indiscretions. A new report by Vanity Fair details how the Microsoft co-founder might have used an exotic Porsche to spice up his extramarital affairs.

Bill Gates has also gone to jail for overspeeding in his Porsche.

There were times when Bill Gates would drive to the office in his unflashy Mercedes, then have one of his security personal deliver a golden brown Porsche to him about an hour later, and he would roar off in it, the Vanity Fair report states, quoting a former employee. “We all assumed that it was when he was with women,” the employee said. “I knew there were many offsite meetings that were not on his calendar.” Gates’ love for Porsche is well known, but this is the first time when his obsession with the German automaker has been linked to his inappropriate relationships.

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Via – instagram – Melinda Gates.

We are not sure which particular Porsche (or Porsches) the billionaire used for extramarital rendezvous as claimed by the report. However, Gates has owned several of them over the years. A Porsche 911 Turbo was the first one Gates bought back in 1979, which even got him arrested for speeding. The tech mogul even famously used his influence and lobbied to change legislation in the US to make his limited-series Porsche 959 supercar legal to drive in the US. Could it be that same Porsche? Well, we simply don’t have enough information to confirm that. Gates even added a Porsche Taycan EV to his collection that got him publicly feuding with Elon Musk.

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[Via – Vanity Fair]

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