Billionaire Warren Buffett aspires to auction lunch on eBay

A meal with the “Oracle of Omaha” will be up for bids on the Internet auction site eBay. WARREN BUFFETT will host a lunch to benefit the Glide Foundation and its programs. The lunch will be up for bid on eBay beginning June 22, 2006 at 7:00 pm PT and close June 29, 2006 at 7:00 PT with bidding opening at $25,000. Mr. Buffett will dine with the winning bidder and up to seven friends in New York on a mutually agreed upon date. 100% of proceeds from the winning bid will benefit the Glide Foundation, one of the most comprehensive service providers working with the poor and homeless in San Francisco. In San Francisco, the Glide Foundation always had star power. Bill and Hillary Clinton have long been supporters of the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. But in the financial world, it’s 76 years old Warren Buffett who has star power.

So when Buffett started auctioning off a private lunch each year starting in 2000 to benefit the foundation, financial powerhouses from around the world started getting to know Glide. Buffett’s skepticism is well known. Warren Buffet has not only helped financially, but also in branding it worldwide. Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group Inc., the steakhouse chain, will host this year’s lunch in New York. The lunches began in 2000 after Buffett’s wife Susan, who died in 2004, introduced him to the Rev. Cecil Williams’ Glide Memorial United Methodist Church.

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