Britney’s fab figure costs her $22,000 a month!

Whether you hate her or you hate her (err..did I forget like?), there is no way you wouldn’t love her what she looks like now. I am talking about Ms. Britney Spears, who everyone loves to hate. The fact that she went through a very rough patch is no hidden story. And all that mess in her life surely messed her up, both mentally and physically. So the good news is, she has atleast got her physical mess sorted. And it doesn’t come cheap guys, certainty not when it is Ms. Britney not-flabby-anymore Spears. The star signed up to a $22,000-a-month diet and exercise regime after her bloated tummy sparked pregnancy rumours earlier this year, according to a report. The mother-of-two was seen flaunting her almost prefect figure at a trip to Mexico over the weekend and is back to 9st after the stress of her custody battle saw her tip the scales at 10st 4lbs. Burning those calories was most definately not cheap, she does burn a hell lotta money every month too. To be precise, she shells out about $10,000 a month on a nutritionist and diet supplements. Close to $8000 on on a personal trainer and about $4000 on a private dance choreographer.

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That’s not all, she is also being extremely careful with what she is stuffing her body with. To start with she consumes only 1400 calories a day with one ‘cheat day’ where she’ll treat herself and has also taken on some of Victoria Beckham’s diet tips, eating plenty of steamed fish and snacking on edamame beans. Britney you are looking fab, there is no doubt about that and smoking like a chimney must help keep your appetite down. Hope you stay the way you are and miles away from ‘Anorexia’.

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