Celebrities use their star power to sell mobile phones…the new marketing mantra!

This is a story of how celebrities sell cell phones. Even despite a very bad observation power you would have never failed to notice those mobile phones sported by celebs in their movies, music videos at events, basically, everywhere they go. 6 times out of 10 it is Sony Ericsson and they have taken product placements to a whole new level. Samsung meanwhile, isn’t too far behind. Motorola is on its way too. Sony Ericsson has Usher and tennis star, Maria Sharapova. Motorola has David Beckham, Danica Patrick, Wyclef Jean, and Fergie. Though new to this way of marketing, Motorola has used brand ambassadors for about two years. Samsung has soccer studs Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba. In Asia, the company has employed many Bollywood, Cantopop, and K-pop stars. Never before has star power been used like this and I guess the results are for all to see. People now identify the phones more by the celebrity endorsing it than the company name. The market is saturated, the competition is cut-throat and no one wants to be second.

Sony Ericsson tapped Usher to represent its Walkman line of music phones and so did Motorola as they roped in Wyclef Jean and Fergie to talk up its ROKR phone. From music to movies and sports, from Justin Timberlake, Maria Sharapova, David Beckham everyone is singing or acting or playing their phones. The trend is growing as more people around the world acquire cellphones–3.5 billion and counting–and phone makers realize they need to work harder to sell their wares. Star power is at its best when celebs sell cells!