Celebrity pull for non-profits determined by authenticity

Success in the field of fame could lead to success in the realm of fund-raising and profits. Believing in that statement could be a bit deceptive, considering that a pretty face is insufficient to spread awareness and call for funds. A recent report suggests that the value of a celebrity’s name depends on the celebrity’s name, which could also be dubbed as notoriety. Consider Paris Hilton, who, despite stealing headlines, made only $538 for Non-profit organizations. Whereas singer and performer Justin Timberlake hauled in $9.3 million for his favorite causes, confirming that a celebrity’s authenticity outweighs popularity and looks.

We have a list of 5 celebrities and their contributions to the cause of fundraising and non-profits in descending order. Justin Timberlake tops the list by raising $9.262,381 for Shriner’s hospital for children. The genuine and believable star brought $10 million for the organization and put his fame power to work by convincing Taylor Swift and TLC to collaborate with him on a benefit concert. Second, on the list is material girl Madonna who founded the charity Raising Malawi and raised about $5,540,068 to provide relief to the two million orphaned children. Second on the list is toy girl Pamela Anderson who managed to rake in $4,840,168 for PETA as she has been heard as stating that she’d rather go naked than wear fur.
Next up is Oprah Winfrey, who founded the Oprah’s Angel Network in 1997, for which she had raised $973,870 in addition to the $40 million she donated to build the South African School, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls. Last on the list is Bono, who made about $3,598,313 for One Foundation to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa. He has also been nominated thrice for the Nobel Peace Prize for his awe-inspiring work.