Celine Dion’s $20 million home features a water park

Who would’ve thought that Celine Dion was a water baby like many of us. But one look at her sprawling $20 million mansion and we realize just how much this singing sensation loves water. The Jupiter Island property of the singer boasts of two swimming pools, two water-slides and a lazy-river! But all was not well in this water park mansion when it was constructed. Reportedly, the singer used up all the fresh water supply on the island which in turn led to a drought and water restrictions.

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After paying a fine, she constructed six wells on the property to keep the pipes pumping the 6.5million gallons needed for the water park each year. Besides this amazing water park, the property houses 9,825 square feet mansion that features eight bedrooms, a 460-square feet wardrobe as well as a gym in the beach-side cabana and an underground garage.
Now this is what I call a cool home.

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