Che Guevara’s hair sold for $100,000

This can make it to the ‘most ridiculous stuff auctioned’ list. A lock of hair taken from Che Guevara’s body has sold for $100,000 at a US auction. Who is he? Well, he is an icon of socialist revolutionary movements especially in South America, and a cultural icon worldwide. The lock of hair on auction was taken 40 years ago from the corpse of Che Guevara by one of the men who had tracked him down and, after he was killed, buried him. The lone bidder was Bill Butler, 61, a Texas bookstore owner and collector of ’60s memorabilia. After making the bid, Mr. Butler told reporters by telephone that Mr. Guevara was “one of the greatest revolutionaries in the 20th century” and that it was “a great feeling” to own the items, which he said he would display in his bookstore. Along with the hair was a map used by the Bolivian military to track down Mr. Guevara in the remote jungle region where he was captured, fingerprints taken from his corpse, grisly photographs of Mr. Guevara and his comrades after their deaths, and various other documents.

The lock of hair was trimmed from Mr. Guevara’s body by Gustavo Villoldo, a Cuban-born C.I.A. operative who helped Bolivian troops capture him in 1967. He took the hair from Mr. Guevara’s head shortly before he and some of the soldiers buried him in an unmarked grave. “I basically took it because the symbol of the revolution was this bearded, long-haired guy coming down the mountain,” Mr. Villoldo said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “To me, I was cutting off the very symbol of the Cuban revolution.” Mr. Butler, the buyer, paid a total of $119,500, including a 19.5 percent buyer’s premium. And this was not the first time that the auction house had sold off hair, although the price broke all records. Earlier this year, three strands of Abraham Lincoln’s hair sold for $11,095, and a lock of Lincoln’s hair drew a winning bid of $21,510. What was described as a large lock of hair from J.E.B. Stuart, the Confederate general, garnered a winning bid of $44,812?