Christian Louboutin launches a book to celebrate 20 years of shoe-designing

If you thought Christian Louboutin was just obsessed with shoes, you are right, somewhat. The celebrated shoe designer is finally out with his first book that seems to have more than a collection of his precious stilettos. And the book should be moving, as famous names like John Malkovich and David Lynch have been roped in as collaborators. Styled as a biography of sorts it’s also retrospective and filled with classy images. The foreword has been penned by John Malkovich, with an entire chapter dedicate to his work for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, one and about the “the interiors of his boutiques around the world” and even one on “20 years of design” that is packed with self portraits and editorials. Also watch out for the chapter t hat talks about his collaboration with filmmaker David Lynch called “Fetish”.

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The last six chapters will be a catalogue of all of Louboutin’s work, as per a according to Barnes & Noble‘s overview. To get one for yourself, click here.