Clive Palmer criticized for gifting teenage daughter a $4.6 million superyacht

If you have the money, then besides attracting manufacturers you are sure to attract a few criticizing eyes as well. Clive Palmer, a mining magnet and one of Australia’s richest men got a taste of these harsh criticizing glares recently. The poor rich guy has been slammed for gifting his 15 year old daughter a 30m yacht worth AU$5.3 million ($4.6 million)! He has been labeled an irresponsible parent after he bought the superyacht for his daughter Emily this weekend. Many psychologists have criticized Palmer for spoiling his daughter with this lavish gift. Some have rubbished it as an “ego thing”; while others say “it breeds irresponsibility and an expectation that Daddy can always fix things”.

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Do these critics really care about how the fifteen year old daughter is brought up or is it another story of the grapes being too sour? You decide.