Coffee date with Tim Cook fetches $610,000

If you have the big bucks in hand, anything can be purchased – cars, clothes, property, and even dates! First we saw Hollywood hottie Lindsay Lohan be bought for a date by Australian billionaire for $150,000, later Warren Buffet made news when a lunch date with him ran in millions. Last we heard of, was of the coffee date with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, which rumored to reach $180,000. Now news reveals that the auction has reached its apex with a final bid of a whopping $610,000! That’s quite impressive, ain’t it? Who wouldn’t want to sit across the table with the CEO of one of the most legendary brands?

Reports say that there were in all 86 bids placed to bag the one in a million opportunity. And the winner would have the liberty of 30-60 minutes to chat up with Tim Cook at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The winner could also bring along a friend if he/she wished to. “With such large chunks of cash at stake, Charitybuzz required independent bank qualifications once bids crossed the $500,000 mark.” The proceeds from the auction, as decided earlier, would as it is going to The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

The coffee date auction with Tim Cook for $610,000 marks a tie based on the “highest bid” with a previous auction – the sale of a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster on the Charitybuzz website.

[Via – The-Verge and Abcnews]