Converse shoes worn by Michael Jordan in the 94 Olympics sell for a record $190,373

It’s no news that pre-owned celebrity goods often fetch a great value on re-sale. However, what’s shocking is that fans wouldn’t swear off even worn out, dirt-swathed and assumingly smelly sneakers that once belonged to the famous stars. Quite recently, a pair of similar shoes worn by Michael Jordan in 1984 were sold for a record-shattering price of $190,373!

The Converse shoes were worn by the basketball legend in the finale of the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles and are said to be the last from the brand to be worn by him. The iconic footwear also marks the final leg of his journey as an amateur player, as he quickly moved on to be part of the NBA on being so drafted by the Chicago Bulls at that time. It is reported that the pair of converse was obtained by a ball boy who also happened to be the 11-year-old son of Los Angeles Lakers great Gail Goodrich. The record for the most expensive pre-worn sneakers sold was previously also held by Jordan for a pair of shoes he wore in one of the matches of the 1997 NBA Finals, better known as the “Flu game”.
The basketball star’s love for Converse was quite strong throughout his college days as well as his early career. It was only later when Nike roped him in a deal that Jordan broke off his bond with the uber-cool converse sneakers, one of which fetched him the recent million-dollar check!

[Via – Newstalk]

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