Daniel Radcliffe purchases $6.24million house in New York

After purchasing a $4.3million apartment in Manhattan, Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe has invested in another luxurious property. The young actor has recently purchased a £3.76 ($6.24million) town in New York. The new townhouse is located on West 12th Street and was built by a sea captain for one of his daughters in 1847. The lavish property spreads over 3000 sq ft and boasts of five bedrooms and a 39ft garden. This recent purchase means that the star now owns a £10 million ($16.6million) property empire in the Big Apple and a flat in Fulham, west London.

A Sotheby’s brochure said, “The property is on one of New York’s most picturesque tree-lined landmark cobblestone blocks.” The 20-year-old star who is rumored to have a fortune of £20 million ($33.2million) is probably grinning about his latest investment.

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