David Beckham gets immortalized in a silver statue for H&M underwear campaign in US

Ladies behold, as the crownholder of the ‘sexiest man alive’ title is just going to give you palpitations for the nth time. David Beckham AKA Golden Balls now has silver statues with him wearing just his pants, erected in various locations around New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The larger than life image of the star came alive with the statues that were coincided with the release of the new black and white shots in the new range of H&M. The star also has dashing pictures of him in H&M underwear, showing off his toned physique and cool tattoos.

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The Collection titled David Beckham bodywear is affordably priced and includes vests, long-sleevers, boxer-shorts and briefs. The collection will be available through 1800 H&M stores in 44 countries worldwide as well as online. I’m really worried about the safety of the statues, for the ruckus created by aroused Becky fans might just be underway!

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