David Cameron is the world’s first leader to be invited aboard Air Force One

President Obama is trying to be trendsetter, just like his well-dressed wife. After taking Air Force One on the roads, he has now decided to invite British PM David Cameron to be the world’s first leader aboard the exclusive aircraft. The two leaders will take a 70-minute flight later this week as the Brit leader plans to attend a college basketball final in Ohio, followed by a state dinner back at the White House.

This is not the first time the US Pres is taking his official guests for an informal event. However, this does show how special the Cameron couple is to the Obamas. French President Nicolas Sarkozy attended Ben’s Chili Bowl. He enjoyed a $4.20 hot dog, while former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev just ended up with a Coke and cheeseburger at Ray’s Hell Burger.