Diamond-studded gold panties for blinged crotch shots

What happens when you get caught flashing without a clue (or maybe intentionally) by the media as you grace down your car in an awkward position. Yana Gupta, a Yugoslavian-Indian actress who was shot minus her panties by the shutterbugs, seems to be being gifted designer panties, lingerie, and bikinis for Christmas this year. This will ensure that she doesn’t get caught pants down without protecting her assets. If reports are believed, an Indian-born designer based in Dubai has now decided to take luxury panties a step further for her. He has commissioned to design a diamond-studded gold panty for the pretty dancer. The anonymous designer, known simply as the personal designer for the Sheikhs of the UAE, the Shahs of Iran, queens, princesses the world over, and the Sultan of Brunei and his family. Priced at Rs. 15-Lakh ($33,140), the bikini will be auctioned later to fund a charity, only if Yanaa decides to strut in a fashion show donning the attire. Well, every cloud has a silver lining!
[Image for representational purpose only]

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