Does Idris Elba’s Superdry collection hint at him being the next Bond?

There’s too much speculation about every Bond thing these days. As we disengage our eyes to check cool new clothing line by actor Idris Elba, we are evidently led to wonder who the mysterious new spy is. Elba collaborated with Superdry in London in June and has finally got the garments to the hangers.

The unveiling also took place at London and included a highly anticipated autumn winter 2015 collection that was nothing short of garbs fit to drape James Bond. His signature IE graphics make quite a show in the line of 250 pieces of various clothing. He has meticulously named some of the clothing items to reflect and reminisce the journey of his life and its highlights. Elba worked with Superdry co-founders James Holder and Julian Dunkerton. “We’re three British lads who’ve worked hard to get to where we are,” Elba said. “I’m passionate about what I do and always give 100%. If I had the opportunity to have any influence in fashion, this is it.”
Speaking about his bout with fashion, he said, “I’m not a designer, but I’m passionate about clothes and I know how men want to look. Functionality and durability were key things for me. It’s a ’24-hour’ collection; clothing guys can look and feel great in from day to night.”

Will this hint at him being the next James Bond? Well he does have the swag. Your views?

[ Via : Huffingtonpost ]

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