After skipping the event last year due to election defeat – Donald Trump and Melania Trump will host a New Year’s Eve ball at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump at his Mar-A-Lago club for Christmas. Via Instagram / @michaelsolakiewicz

Most people are spending New Year’s Eve in the safety of their homes, in the company of their loved ones. However, the Trumps are gearing up for the black-tie gathering at Mar-a-Lago. Yes, it is the same New Year’s Eve party that Trump was too shy or disappointed to attend in the wake of his election defeat. This year the Trumps will grace the red carpet hand-in-hand, playing the perfect hosts of the event. The couple has already been to Mar-a-Lago for a Christmas dinner with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The two couples sat alone at a table in the private club’s main ballroom.

Melania Trump looked like a vision in her $7,450 Elie Saab dress. It’s good to see a high-profile personality repeat her outfit, undoing everything that’s wrong with the idea of repeating clothes. Melania sported the elegant white number to a July 2018 NATO meeting. Donald Trump looked his unusual self, excepting the bright red tie that blended well with the Christmas vibe. According to the DailyMail, people have high hopes from Trump for not skipping the New Year gala, though the man is infamous for changing his mind any minute. Last year, Donald Trump and Melania were in Palm Beach for the holiday season. Instead of gracing the event where people paid a staggering $1,000 for a ticket, the former first couple opted to return to Washington D.C.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the new years gala for ringing in 2020.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the new years gala for ringing in 2020.
Do you think that must’ve left a bad taste in the mouth of attendees? The Capitol attacks followed soon enough to leave a bad taste in the mouth of every citizen in the world. Let’s hope the coming year begins on a much more promising note for Donald and Melania Trump, starting with a successful and lavish gala.

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