Donald Trump reveals his favorite luxury brands and some of them will definitely surprise you!

Yesterday we took you through the many habits and eccentricities of Donald Trump, today we have inside information on the presidential candidate’s favorite brands. Buzzfeed dove into Trump’s book, Think Like a Billionaire, to discover Trump’s love for luxury and his dedication to international brands. According to the book, “To have the best, you have to know the best. Thinking like a billionaire means recognizing the best and enjoying the best. Of course, it takes practice. Can you confidently name the top five jewelers in the world? The best champagne? The best, most exclusive real estate? The most highly rated restaurants? The top art dealers? If not, you’ve got a long way to go to be a billionaire. But don’t feel bad, because I don’t know all the answers—other than the real estate ones—either!”

So what’s Trump’s idea of “the best”? Find out below:

Donald-Trump (1)
Cars: Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari
Trump’s favorite car is a Merc that he lovingly describes as “reliable, elegant, and sturdy all at once.” He also believes that Mercedes makes cars that are classy without being ostentatious. However, he also owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and “a bunch of other cars in different places.”

Clothing: Brioni
Trump favors the suits, t-shirts and ties made by Brioni. He buys Brioni’s suits off the rack (gasp!) and recommends that you do the same unless “you have an oddly shaped body, and unless you have a great deal of time.” Trump loves Brioni’s shirts for their great fit and states that they both look and feel great. He also has something significant to say on the subject of dry cleaning, “I used to have a favorite dry cleaner, located in Atlantic City, but I’ve mellowed a bit and I can handle the dry cleaners in New York City just fine now. Actually, once you get a good shirt, who really notices anyway?”

Among ties, Brioni steals the spotlight once again with Hermès getting an honorable mention. There’s also a sheepish admission that Brioni keeps him suited in style for his reality show, “And I must say, as I keep mentioning Brioni, that they graciously supply me with my clothing for The Apprentice.”

Jewelry: Graff, Harry Winston, Asprey, Tiffany, and Fred Leighton
“Asprey has been around since the eighteenth century, and their jewelry makes the most beautiful woman look even better. In addition to gems, Asprey is also famous for their silver, leather, porcelain, and crystal. Asprey’s flagship store is in the Trump Tower, so I can slip in there whenever I want, almost always to buy something for Melania. You can buy a gift for anyone there, and the salespeople are excellent. Winston and Graff have, I believe, the best diamonds in the world” Trump writes.

More trivia? His idea of the best shampoo is Head & Shoulders. Maybe that’s why his locks are so soft and flake free!

[ Via : Buzzfeed ]

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