Donald Trump willing to spare $600 million to become President

Don’t we all want to become the US president someday in our lives? It is one of those dreams that are just there in our mind – a dream that will never come true but in our heads nonetheless… but when billionaires like Donald Trump think about it, it could become a possibility. Apparently, he is even willing to spend $600 million of his own cash to be one! He may think of taking up dirty jobs but the business tycoon is quite confident that his name recognition will save him hundreds of millions of dollars if he became a candidate as compared to opponents. He was speaking at ABC’s Good Morning Show.

YouTube video

According to the Forbe’s List, he is the 137th richest person in the US and is worth $2.7 billion. And if you are wondering this was just a publicity gimmick on live television, well, no, he is quite serious about it!

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