Elvis Presley’s underpants to go under the hammer

There is nothing more intimate than a pair of underpants, and those belonging to singer Elvis Presley are certainly going to create a flurry. This year alone, the legend’s famous Tiger Sunglasses and timepieces have been auctioned and yet another object, the underpants belonging to the star is expected to go under the hammer and expected to fetch $15,810. The underwear that was worn beneath one of Elvis’s famous white jumpsuits during a performance in 1977 is still unwashed and soiled with stains. The underpants were arranged for him from Vernon Presley’s estate (his father), as the star did not want any lines visible while he was on stage.

Elvis Presley died 35 years ago this month, on August 16, 1977, which is an opportune time for hosting the auction. The light blue briefs will go under the hammer at an auction of Elvis Presley pop memorabilia support in Stockport, Greater Manchester, next month. Along with the underpants, the Holy Bible and a 16mm film footage will also go under the hammer.

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