Enzo Ferrari to be immortalized by Christian Bale on film in upcoming biopic

Hollywood seems to follow a certain trend when it comes to making movies around certain ‘themes’; there was a time when two movies about an Earth killing Asteroid released around the same time and then a few years ago two movies about how easy it was to completely demolish the White House also hit the big screen almost simultaneously. The latest theme seems to be Ferrari, specifically, the life of il Commendatore, Enzo Ferrari himself. In April it was announced that movie veteran Robert De Niro was playing the lead in an adaptation of Ferrari’s life; the biopic is scheduled to release sometime in 2016. But the latest buzz is around The Dark Knight, Christian Bale, who has also been cast as the famous Italian in another biopic that’s going into production.

Director Michael Mann (Blackhat, Public Enemies) is on board and word is that production is gearing up for next summer. Although there’s not too much information being shared about the movie, word is that the scene will be set in 1957 and could be based on the book titled – Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machine. Seeing as this is not the first time Mann has been pushing for a movie about one of the most famous people in vehicle history, we’re sure he must be thrilled to finally get the ‘green light’.

Bale is no De Niro but he is quite an accomplished actor and quite skilful at roles of all kinds, even if his behind the scenes performances leaves much to be desired. What most seem to be worried about is his transformation to look like Ferrari as he bears no real resemblance to the carmaker who passed away in 1988; though challenges of this kind never seem to be a big deal for Bale as he’s taken on roles that involved him going from an anorexic-like underweight character in the Machinist to totally buffed in the Dark Knight to a balding, overweight, New York con artist in American Hustle.

It’ll be quite a momentous time for the Prancing Horse as two movies about its founder, hopefully telling the same story about the man but perhaps from slightly different perspectives with details about different incidents highlighted, will be out around the same time it would seem.

[Via – Autoblog]

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