Everyone’s favorite, Roger Federer is all set to become the first tennis billionaire this year

What do Roger Ferderer, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Floyd Mayweather have in common? They are all billionaire sportsmen; that’s what’s common. Though Federer is the latest entrant to this billionaires club, the others have been there for a while now. With this, Roger Federer is set to become the first tennis billionaire ever. There are no points for guessing that Federer has accumulated all this wealth thanks to the unending string of prize money and endorsements with a range of global brands. The 38-year-old has sponsorship deals with Rolex, Uniqlo, Credit Suisse, and Mercedes Benz. The Swiss superstar has amassed a wealth totaling $900 million, and he already has another $200 million from agreed-upon sponsorship contracts in the months and years ahead.

It’s insane even though Federer no longer stands at the peak of the athletic dominance, he is still earning like never before and will soon be joining the three sportsmen in capital B.

[Bia – Business Insider]

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