Forbes lists the top ten billionaire heiresses

While many women have worked their way to the top, others are lucky to be born into wealthy families. Born with silver spoons, these heiresses are always making it to the headlines, be it for their fortunes or their luxurious lifestyles. And if you think Paris Hilton is the richest heiress out there, given her spendthrift ways, you are definitely wrong. Have a look at Forbes’s list of the ten wealthiest billionaire heiresses to know who reign’s the world of the so-called spoilt brats.

Number one on the list is the daughter of Michael Bloomberg, Emma Bloomberg, who has an estimated fortune of $18 billion.
Following Emma is another low-profile heiress, Andrea Soros, daughter of George Soros, with an estimated fortune of $14 billion.
Number three on the list are fashion mogul Giorgio Armani’s niece’s, Silvana and Roberta Armani, with an estimated fortune of $5.3 billion.
Indian billionaire Adi Godrej’s daughter, Nisa Godrej, has made it to the fourth position with a $5.2 billion fortune.
Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan Lauren has secured the fifth position on this list with an estimated fortune of $4.6 billion.
The remaining names on this list are as follows:
6. Jennifer Woo, daughter of Peter Woo. Fortune: $4.3 billion.
7. Roshni Nadar, daughter of Shiv Nadar. Fortune: $4.2 billion.
8. Holly Branson, daughter of Richard Branson. Fortune: $4 billion.
9. Aerin Lauder, daughter of Ronald Lauder. Fortune: $2.6 billion.
10. Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump. Fortune: $2 billion.
These women who are all set to take over their family business are sure to make their billionaire daddy’s proud.

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