From an Ouija board to a $100k self healing bath tub – Here are our 7 Ridiculous but Awesome picks from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop’s gift guide

It gives me immense joy to say the most wonderful and wacky time of the year is here with the most ridiculous but awesome gift guide! Goop keeps up to its reputation of offering our needy world, outrageous and over-the-top gunk that nobody needs but will buy anyway. People got to keep themselves happy and if buying things like the jade eggs and vagina-scented candles or the more recent offerings like an Ouija board, a bread lamp, a self-heating tub, and more put a smile on their faces and brands a hole in their pockets so be it! The list is full of ideas, so unique, it’s the best place to find things for someone who has everything, and it’s nowhere close to run-of-the-mill. Let’s explore our 7 picks from their list of ridiculous but awesome products of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop holiday gift guide:

Electric VW bug,$125,000
It’s fast, electric, and half-a-century old! Definitely made for a different world where gas was ultra-cheap and the climate was perfect; the Zelectric Motors tunes it to the tunes of Planet Earth offering iconic high style with today’s future-forward technology to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

Goop x Avocado bed, $38,000
Your bedroom needs a detox which is why a non-toxic, organic sleep system by Goop is the way to a sweet night’s sleep. The Avocado bed is meticulously crafted over hundreds of hours only using the finest exotic organic materials into a finished product that’s beyond luxurious and totally biodegradable.

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Pyramid Commode, $35,000
Elizabeth Paige Smith is the brain behind the pyramid-shaped piece that managed to impress Kanye West. This structure creates a spatial vortex in whatever room it’s placed as a result of which the vibrations of the room are energetically lifted! Sounds like something Kanye would surely need. This version is very handy as it comes with concealed finger pulls and fourteen soft-closing drawers, a storage-space dream made in solid mahogany.

Ouija board, $1995
We all have that one friend who mouths words like horoscopes, astrology, manifestations, and every once in a while-Ouija board! This hand-poured, glitter-bombed acrylic, Edie Parker Ouija board makes for a great gift for someone who is sick of the populace of Planet Earth and wouldn’t mind some fresh conversations in life. Makes for some fun after-dinner entertainment and might we suggest it is best played with the lights turned down, ideally with a cocktail or two beforehand. Don’t forget to invite some panaphobic friends too.

Stiliyana Minkovska Birth sill, $7,500
Giving birth requires a preggers mommy-to-be, a nervous and excited husband and most importantly an artistic sofa or chair made to gift birth on by artist Stiliyana Minkovska called the Labour Silla. The chair enables the mother to prepare for parturition with ergonomic and elasto-mechanic qualities that work as a cushion, allows the pregnant body to take any desired position like sit, kneel, squat, rest, lean, and crawl. Luckily, the material is an easily wipeable and robust vinyl with a soft, gradual contour. Couldn’t think of a better Christmas/push present for a preggers couple!

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Custom Concrete Self-heating Bathtub, $100,000
It’s sleek, free-standing, and a completely unnecessary accessory but one that buys you a luxurious relaxation experience. You may buy a house in some remote town too for the price but then these highest quality tubs have flowing lines like Van Gogh in an art deco craftsmanship fashion.

PlantWave, $299
You may have been talking to your plants but it’s time to turn the tables with PlantWave and allow your plants to compose music for you via the subtle electrical currents they give off. PlantWave can capture, graph, and translate into pitch messages that play instruments designed by its team. PlantWave uses its sensors to attach to the leaves of any living thing and then connect the device wirelessly to an app on your phone and enjoy the soothing sounds that drift out of it.

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