From Kim Kardashian to Morgan Freeman – 7 celebrities who are in awe of CBD

Change is inevitable and the most relevant change these days is health trends. They keep changing and the world keeps adapting. The latest one that seems to be ruling the roost all around is CBD (cannabidiol). It’s slowly becoming omnipresent to the extent that you can eat it, drink it and even bathe in it. This chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp is everywhere from products for athletes to beverages, and more! A survey by Verna Farms also showed that CBD is currently more popular than Hollywood’s biggest names that are in a way responsible for making it so popular. Similarly, a survey recently showed CBD stealing the limelight from hotshot celebrities like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and even left porn and food porn and keto behind. Listed below are celebs that have gone nuts over this wonder ingredient-

Kim Kardashian-
When someone wants to plan a CBD-themed baby shower, there’s no disputing their affection for it. Using CBD-everything is her new favourite thing and if she’s promoting it for free, there must really be something to it.

Jennifer Aniston-
The bigger the star, the bigger the stress. CBD helps with pain, stress, and anxiety says the actress who loves the benefits of marijuana without making her high. From what we learned, she loves using CBD regularly as a tincture or used as a muscle rub.

Mandy Moore-
The ‘This is us’ star swears by the benefits of CBD oil. All the red carpet appearances and strutting led to aching feet which can vanish with some CBD oil on their feet. It’s a trick that celebrity stylists have been recommending very strongly calling it the ‘absolute cure’ for aches.

Mike Tyson-
His love for cannabis is so big; Mike Tyson is currently developing a marijuana farm called “Cannabis Resort” for smokers and growers. He vouches for its relief-giving properties and also developed CopperGel® which includes roll-on relief items.

Seth Rogan-
The popular actor is a big advocate of Hemp CBD oil and its benefits especially in medicinal purposes for Alzheimer’s disease. CBD products such as oils can be an important treatment management tool. He is one of the most passionate celebrities speaking up for CBD and medicinal Marijuana benefits.

Whoopi Goldberg-
Say hello to Whoopi and buh-byee to body pain. Bringing relief from period pains and cramps is your very own CBD brownie. This advice comes straight from the co-founder of Whoopi & Maya, a company that specializes in the legal distribution of medical marijuana.

Morgan Freeman-
This plant-based medicine worked wonders for the legendary actor after he developed fibromyalgia after an intense and unfortunate accident. This condition causes severe muscle pain which is relieved by the use of CBD and THC products.

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