Gary Neville rumored to build luxurious eco-friendly bunker

Daily Mail reports that Manchester United star Gary Neville has plans to build a multi-million-pound luxury eco-bunker in the heart of rural Lancashire. The plans reveal that the home will be built into the hillside. What is more, the underground home is already being nicknamed Teletubbyland by locals due to its similarity to the dwelling occupied by the cuddly TV characters. The computer-generated pictures to give an idea of how this luxury bunker will look like when ready. The blueprint reveals a flower-like design with each petal designated as a certain area: entertainment, eat, sleep, etc. If approved by the Bolton Council, the 8,000sq ft bunker will be built on his current residence grounds: an £8million ($12.9million) estate.

What is more, the bunker will boast of the latest eco-technology, given Gary’s concern and passion for the environment. The underground home will have a solar panel, a wind turbine, and a ground source heat pump. The energy produced from the wind turbine would be used to power his neighboring property with any extra energy supplying the national grid, helping to reduce his family’s carbon footprint.
A unique eco-friendly abode, let’s hope this ambitious project gets the green signal from the Bolton Council.