Google Co-founder Larry Page purchases a luxury mega yacht Senses

Forget cars, yachts and so, mega yachts are the status symbol today. They are the big buy too. Everyone who is anyone has a yacht. So why not the poopular search site co-founder Larry Page? Turns out he does, and quite a deletable one at that. As per The New Zealand Herald, Larry Page has bought a luxury mega yacht from New Zealand businessman Douglas Myers for an undisclosed sum. The yacht, named Senses, was listed for sale for $60.5 million.

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In case you are wondering what Senses is like. Designed by famous French designer Philippe Starck, besides the usual sun decks, lounges, gym and dining space, has an on-deck jacuzzi, a slew of pleasure-boats of all sizes; and can carry a helicopter with ease.
No wonder it was once chartered in the Seychelles Islands for $343,000 a week!
[CBS News And Nzherald]

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