Gwyneth Paltrow pays to be stung by bees to look flawless

Gwyneth Paltrow is a pig. Well, I am not saying it, she said so herself. That is ‘always the guinea pig to try everything’. It doesn’t matter what she said before and after; she did call herself a pig. Now, I would have debated it, but then I read that she has a strange weakness for vodka (ugh) and so I am not convinced to change her new nickname. All this can be overlooked … but having your stung by bees to look beautiful? She seriously misinterprets her reincarnation. Someone should tell her Cleopatra is fictitious (isn’t she?) and that she didn’t bathe in goat’s milk or stare into the deep blue Arabian nights to look like a goddess from the heavenly abode.

Whatever. So much drama. Even the lives of these stars are full of drama. I mean, when the world is cringing with the effect of mobile towers on the natural existence of bees, you have some self-obsessed, hypochondriac actress acting like she is Stalin with the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. I don’t know why that analogy, but maybe because one has to do with vodka, and the other with drama. Oh, it seems Gwyneth also likes French fries. So? My neighbour likes fatoush, the Indian prime minister likes dhokla (savoury made of pulsed lentils) – so what!

[ Via : Elitedaily ]

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