Hairtech International sues Paris Hilton for $35 million

Given the amount of time Paris Hilton spends in the spot light, it is no wonder that she is appointed as brand ambassador of a variety of products. However, the beauty doesn’t seem to be taking her role as brand ambassador or promoter seriously, at least when it comes to promoting a certain hair extensions company. This frivolous attitude of hers towards the said company has landed her in one messy (or should we say hairy?) soup. The hotel heiress is reportedly being sued for a whopping $35 million by a hair extensions company, Hairtech International Inc. that is claiming she wore the locks of a competitor in 2008 allegedly violating the contract. The staggering amount demanded by the company in damages is ten times more than what Paris was paid for promoting the brand.

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Besides, wearing the competitor’s product, the company has also stated in its suit that Paris missed the brands launch party in 2007 for the hair extensions as she was behind bars for driving on a suspended license. Hairtech claims the company lost around $6.6 million due to her absence on this event. What is more, the company further adds that Paris’s partying lifestyle contradicts the contract marketing campaign as well.
Given the past experiences the socialite has had with the law, we would think she would stick to following the rules. Guess, when it comes to Paris Hilton, breaking the rules is the rule.

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