Here’s a sneak peek at Jackie Chan’s luxurious $20 million Embraer Legacy 500 Business Jet

Embraer is known for its uber-luxurious jets. Previously, we had the privilege of covering the Embraer’s Skyacht One, based on the company’s Flagship Lineage 1000E. Recently, actor, martial artist, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer, Jackie Chan, took delivery of his very own Embraer private jet, the Legacy 500 Business Jet. Priced at $20 million, the jet is packed with creature comforts and Chan is the first Chinese customer to take delivery of one of these. He is also the brand ambassador of Embraer Aerospace and the actor-martial artist is extremely excited about his new ride. Here’s why:

The Legacy 500 Business Jet is capable of travelling 3,600 miles, with its two Honeywell HTF75000E turbofan engines pushing it through the skies.
The plane is extremely spacious, and unlike its peers that hold 8 people, the Legacy 500 has enough space for 12!
Sporting put-together beds, a bathroom and a kitchen, this jet feels right at home!
The jet sports hidden touch-screen remotes and toggle switches, enabling passengers to control nearly every comfort setting.
The jet has a modernized cockpit, with a heads-up-display HUD and joysticks on the side to control it.
Complete with a high definition entertainment system, WiFi, two 19-inch HD monitors and up to nine personal displays at each seat, this jet keeps passengers entertained and happy!

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