How the rich and the famous work out

The rich and famous are often unique. This includes their personalities, personal drive, and everything that makes them tick. One area where the affluent always seems to stand out is with their workout routines.

While each celebrity is different, several themes tend to run throughout the fitness routines of the famous. Here are some of the most common factors that tend to show up when the rich and famous workout. You can use them to inspire your own workout routine.

They Set Impressive Goals
Many famous individuals make a splash not just because they work out, but because of how intense their fitness goals are. Jessica Alba takes YogaSculpt and Krav Maga classes. Oprah aims for 10,000 steps every day. Mark Cuban bench presses to the tune of 300 pounds.

While none of these goals are the same, they all share one aspect: ambition. If you want to get fit, you need to set goals that push you. Over time, you’ll learn to overcome the challenges presented by your fitness objectives. This will fuel your drive, help you focus, and give you momentum.

They Value Exercise
Exercise has been shown to correlate with a higher income. In other words, if you’re well off, you’re more likely to work out. How much more likely? According to The Atlantic, if you make $75,000 or more, you’re twice as likely to exercise than someone who makes less than $20,000 per year.

While many reasons could explain the phenomena, one simple answer is that the rich tend to value exercise and to stay active more. For the vast majority of individuals, the thought of exercising and getting in shape feels like a chore.

However, when celebrities weigh-in, they often bring a different attitude to the table. When the rich and famous look for ways to control their weight and nourish their bodies, they don’t jump to quick-fix solutions. Things like diet pills and fad diets aren’t even on their radar. Instead, they look for ways to perfect their workout routines.

This shows that celebrities don’t just look at exercise as trouble or a bother. It is a valuable activity that yields measurable results in their lives. They see the connection between working out and health. They understand that exercise helps relieve stress and improve their mental wellbeing. They identify with the fact that good fitness habits help to fuel the rest of their ambitions.

If you want to exercise like a famous person, you must value the exercise itself. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon or a fad. Take the time to consider how an exercise routine can better your life. Perhaps try something more enjoyable and exhilarating at first, such as stand-up paddleboarding or surfing. This will help to foster a desire to both implement it and stick to it regularly.

They Prioritize Exercise
Putting a value on exercise is a good first step. However, you can’t stop there. Along with seeing value, celebrities also manage to prioritize exercise. This can’t just be chalked up to a cushy schedule, either. While they have their downtimes, the rich and famous are busy people. They have jam-packed schedules and countless responsibilities.

And yet, a common theme amongst modern aristocrats is the ability to put exercise first. This isn’t just hearsay or romanticizing things, either. Thomas C. Corley spent five years observing the habits of rich people. His takeaway? They dedicated half an hour every day to exercise.

This obsession with consistency allows you to not just stay in shape. It helps you build on results. It avoids the need to “get back in shape” every few months. Instead of overcoming the static friction of getting into a good workout routine, it rides the kinetic friction of maintaining one.

Working out regularly isn’t worth it because it’s easy to do. Its value comes through the fact that it avoids the need to ever get back into shape.

They Go Above and Beyond
The rich and famous aren’t just unique about their workout regimens. They also go above and beyond in the pursuit of their health. A great example of this is Apple CEO and self-admitted fitness nut, Tim Cook. The tech guru gets up extra early to work out — and “early” means he’s up at 4 am and at the gym within the hour.

Cook doesn’t commit to this exhausting-sounding routine out of habit or because he read somewhere that it might help him out. The leader sees a much deeper connection to exercise and his life. He attributes much of his professional success and personal happiness to having “always placed importance on my health and fitness.”

Cook is just one example of many celebrities who are willing to break fitness boundaries. They don’t hesitate to push extremes in the name of their own health. And no wonder, too, when they reap so many professional and personal benefits from the activity.

From unique routines to impressive goals, valuing and prioritizing exercise, and going above and beyond when they can, there are many powerful concepts that the rich and famous bring to the fitness world. The good news is, these aren’t exclusive to the affluent or wealthy. They’re accessible to all and sundry.

Regardless of if you’re currently in the limelight or not, you can still apply these tools to your own routine. This will allow you to tap into the powerful benefits of an effective, sustainable fitness regimen for the foreseeable future.

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