‘Ignorant and dishonorable’ – Melania Trump slams back hard at the presidential historian who accused her of destroying history and eviscerating the White House Rose Garden

Via Facebook – First Lady Melania Trump

Some think the United States of America barely flourished under the leadership of Donald Trump, and some think the same about the White House Garden and Melania. The former first lady has been criticized for her green thumb or the lack of it by historian Michael Beschloss. It wasn’t just critiqued; he went a step ahead and said she played a role in destroying American history with her redesign of the White House Rose Garden, calling him ignorant and dishonorable. Beschloss wrote, alongside a picture of the garden, “Evisceration of White House Rose Garden was completed a year ago this month, and here was the grim result-decades of American history made to disappear.” As one would expect, Melania didn’t hold back, calling the man unprofessional, ignorant, and more.

She said, “@BeschlossDC has proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its infancy. The Rose Garden is graced with a healthy & colorful blossoming of roses,” the tweet said, alongside a photo of the Rose Garden that shows more flowers in bloom. “His misleading information is dishonorable & he should never be trusted as a professional historian.” Not only was Beschloss’s tweet trending on Saturday, but it also garnered almost 5,000 retweets and over 1,000 comments.

American presidents frequently use the Rose Garden for speeches and other appearances, and Melania trump decided to refurbish the space in July 2020. The former first lady worked on this project for months, so much so, she restored the garden to its roots, honoring the original design by Bunny Mellon, made at the request of President John F. Kennedy in 1962. And then for it to be called an ‘evisceration’ is actually exceptionally cruel. Other than the mean comments, people also called out Melania Trump for removing crab apple trees originally put there during Kennedy’s time.

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It was justified as an action taken to open the area as the trees were making too much shade for other plants to grow well in the garden. Social media bemoaned the White House garden’s new look stating it looked faded with only small flowers compared to the big, bright flowers that enhanced the park during the Obama administration. However, it has been clarified the new flowers just needed time to grow, and the world was quick to judge. Recent events in the Rose Garden have shown flowers like pink blossoms, pale white roses, and soft purple plants in full bloom.

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