In a bid to attract millennials Trump hotels will soon dump the Trump name

Donald Trump’s rigorous presidential campaigns might be causing an adverse impact on more things than one. Following the recent reports that spoke of the slipping rates at Trump Hotels this election season, the company has further made an announcement that its hotels will longer operate under the Trump name. As per officials, the rebranding has more to do with the organization’s long term plan to bifurcate between the lifestyle and luxury segments internally.

Newly christened as ‘The Scion’, which means “descendant of a notable family”, the new title implicitly hints at Trump without clearing using his name. In spite of constant denials from the Trump clan, there is a plethora of evidence to prove the recent revenue slack faced by Trump Hotels. The brand’s new Inn in D.C suffered a step down in nightly rates by $500, while every other five-star property was sold out in its proximity at the time. Further, Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants also instigated two celebrity chefs to back out of their contracts to open restaurants in the hotel. Apart from the above, the booking in the once-coveted Trump properties has seen a 59 percent slack during the first half of the year, with a 17 percent fall in foot count since June 2015.

Despite reports that say otherwise, the Trumps claim their businesses to be growing stronger than ever while also showing an apparent enthusiasm with the recent rebranding. The Scion is expected to open as a four-star lifestyle brand in cities and resort towns by early next year. Just like its cause(s), the effect of this novel christening will be equally interesting to look out for.


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