Jay Leno promotes his upcoming show by disguising himself as an UberBlack driver

Jay Leno’s Garage is a show that’s popular for both, its illustrious host as well as the automotive eye-candy that overflows from it. While the show was restricted to web-viewing earlier, Jay Leno is now bringing his massive collection of cars to television sets too, with the show airing on CNBC, beginning from the 7th of October. To promote the show, Leno recently stepped behind the wheel of an UberBlack cab, to take unsuspecting passengers on a ride. Calling himself Rocco, Leno made sure he was disguised well enough with a beard. Obviously, the car was packed with GoPro cameras, which, surprisingly, didn’t seem to bother passengers!

Jay Leno is one of the world’s biggest car connoisseurs, with bragging rights to a massive collection of vehicles, some conventional and many unique. Some of his most prized possessions include the Ariel Atom, built by TMI Autotech, and the Continental AV 1790 5B, sporting a M47 Patton tank engine. Leno also owns a 1986 Lamborghini Countach, a 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car, a McLaren P1 and F1 as well as an extremely unconventional and unique LLC Rocket. All in all, Jay Leno is a true-blooded automobile aficionado and the upcoming show will offer a peek at his prowess for the wheel!

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