Jay Kay’s Ferrari Enzo vandalized by drunken chef

Lead singer of band Jamiroquai, Jay Kay quite popularly, had a thing for fast cars, and a drunken chef just managed to hit him exactly where it hurts. Apparently, Aaron Billington, 21, pleaded guilty to damaging Jay Kay’s £1million (the US $1.5 million) 227mph black Ferrari Enzo. Billington and other staff had been drinking with Jay Kay, and prosecutors claimed that the chef was behaving “arrogantly” and “aggressively” after the singer started making comments, which he found offensive. In a fit of anger, the chef decided to vandalize the singer’s 5-year-old motor when he was off duty, for which a $40,000 worth of damage was incurred. That’s one expensive wreck! But Jay Kay could do with his Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini Miura SV, or his Mercedes 300 SL Roadster till that baby gets back in shape!

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