Jeez! You won’t believe the money Selena Gomez makes on a single social media post

Big bucks and Hollywood A-listers are of course synonymous. It’s little news that celebrities mint big money off endorsements. With Social media brand endorsements being the new big thing, celebrities are making the most of it. But just how much money can one make by posting a picture with a ten-word tagline on it? To put it simply ‘A lot’ and the amount increases with the follower count and the target audience it influences. Beating them all in the game is Selena Gomez who makes enough money to buy two Lamborghini’s with a single social media post. Yes, you heard that right, she makes a whopping $550,000 for each social media post!

when your lyrics are on the bottle 😛

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The 23-year-old Hollywood sensation is ruling personal branding on social media as per data analytics company, D’Marie Analytics. If you do quick math, Gomez has 180.6 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined. She literally rules on Instagram with more than 90 million followers and holds the current title of the most liked photo on the social network. Now if Gomez were to pin up a sponsored image across her social media accounts, it would reach 180 million viewers all at once! Such is the star’s Social media presence that roughly 200,000 new followers get added to her list of e-fans every single day!

Gomez’s popularity is soaring high as can be seen from a $300,000 increase in her social media net worth from last December. While Hollywood celebs are cashing on their popularity, brands like Coca-Cola (Gomez’s recent social media endorsement) are benefiting alike from the wide social media reach of these stars. But for now, leaving the likes of the Kardashians and Jenners far behind, Gomez is our undisputed social media Queen!

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