Julien’s Auctions reveals Michael Jackson’s gaming arcade fetish

Here is just some more wacky information about our favorite man- Wacko Jacko, a.k.a. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. This troubled star has a fetish for games, and with the kind of moolah he has, you can definitely expect him to indulge in his fetish in a big way. Julien’s Auction brought to our notice the man’s collection of video games, pinball tables, and arcade amusements. The star’s collection of arcade cabinets and game ephemera spans good 60-plus pages, full of titles like Jambo Safari, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 2, Guitar Freaks, Galaxy Force II, Super Street Fighter II, and two versions of Crazy Taxi. Clearly, Jackson likes his Sega hardware, opting for the deluxe versions of the company’s biggest arcade efforts. Jackson also had plenty of terrible arcade games at his Neverland Ranch, including Time Killers, Revolution X, and Beachhead 2002.

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And all this is on auction for any nerd or geek who can’t get enough of these games. So go on, check out the auction, and treat yourself to one or all of Wacko Jacko’s favorite games.