Justin Bieber’s head shines in solid gold for $1 million

I didn’t realize how much craze Justin Bieber can create in the heart and minds of young teens. And if you happen to be a rich Bieber loving teen at that, then you would appreciate the gold head replica of the teen sensation courtesy of the 1st Gold Bullion Company a lot better. The sculpture needed to employ 10 artists who created the mould using a pate out of clay which was then filled with molten gold, after putting in 10 weeks of toil, out of which 3 weeks were needed to get Bieber’s trademark hairstyle right!

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The company says that the artwork has been created to show the precious metal’s versatility and acceptance into modern art. His hair alone is worth $250,000, while the entire sculpture is said to cost $1.023 million at current gold prices. And with time this figure will surely surge, considering how gold prices are shooting up continuously. Let’s just hope Bieber’s fame lasts that long too!
[BusinessInsider] And [1st Gold Bullion]

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