Kapo gifts a Merc to trainee

Birmingham City midfielder Oliver Kapo is known for his great playmaking skills. Little did we know of his level of appreciation and generosity until the ex-Juventus player showed what it means to be a fan’s hero. When James McPike, a trainee asked Kapo if he could keep his boots, the star gave him his car. No, no jokes here. He actually handed the kid the keys of his coveted Mercedes to the lad. James had asked Kapo if he could keep his boots to mark the end of the season. The player took pride in his great deed and deservedly so, the young trainee got more than he could as for.

The Mercedes costs £30,000 (~$58,400). I know that it sounds so cool but then Mr. Kapo should consider the repercussions. I wonder how many youngsters are going to walk up to him and ask him for his shoes.