Karl Lagerfeld likened to Pope in a new documentary

It is nearly impossible to find a field that Karl Lagerfeld is not a part of! He has his hand in everything from designing the logo for the Sofitel So Singapore, to directing a short film. Of Course occasionally he even finds the time to work in fashion, with the opening of his new store in Britain and launching his tokidoki collection. At 77, Karl Lagerfeld is to many the godfather of fashion; fashion enthusiasts from every corner of the globe look to him for trends. A four-hour documentary slated to air on September 7th on Vox explores the idea of Karl Lagerfeld as the center of the fashion world. The documentary is the brainchild of Cologne-based television journalist Martina Neuen. It compares fashion to religion and Lagerfeld to Pope. The documentary likens models to angels and consumers to believers.

Neuen admits that the concept is a bit “tongue in cheek” but is quick to point out that fashion involves a tight-knit community, powerful symbols, age-old rituals, and a system of beliefs, all of which can be found in most religions. Neuen is definitely not suggesting that fashion can offer any kind of eternal redemption; in fact, as Lagerfeld himself points out, everything in fashion lasts only six months.

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For the purpose of the documentary, Lagerfeld allowed Neuen access to his daily routing for over 16 months; he even opened up his rarely seen private photo archive. However, the most compelling part of the documentary is his life story, including his trajectory from being the son of a milk producer to becoming the “pope” of fashion. He even manages to offer opinions on who he considers the most fashionable pope: Pius XII.

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The film sees guest appearances from Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Suzy Menkesand, Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Milla Jovovich. The film crew followed Lagerfeld to Singapore, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Florida. Nuen has been a fan of Lagerfeld since they first met in 1999, calling him a “true individual,” thus spurring her to make this documentary.

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