Kathrine Fredriksen hops on Swarovski-studded crutches

The rich and the famous will do whatever it takes to stand apart from us, common folks. So besides bling cars, jewelry and outrageous fashion statements, these celebs even wish to sport their wounds in the most luxurious ways! Heiress Kathrine Fredriksen has paved the way for this new trend. The heiress who broke her leg in three different places was seen sporting a cast and, wait for it, a custom-made diamond crutches! The crutches have been specially designed in London. The crutches are adorned with Swarovski crystals and are also marked with the Duke’s initials. These crutches are sure to start a new trend among the rich and the famous. However, you need to hang on to feast on the images of the dazzling crutches.

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