Kim Kardashian being Kim Kardashian has encrusted her teeth with a diamond and opal grill that is worth $18,000

Kardashians are known to boast the best jewelry in town. And in proving so, we have Kim K showing off her all-new diamond and opal ‘birthstone’ grill set that costs a whopping $18,000 (approximately). Yes, that’s right!

The diva recently posted a picture of herself sporting the grill on Instagram. It contains iridescent opal stones surrounded by pavé diamonds in an intricate shape and has been crafted by well-known brand Gabby Elan Jewelry in Calabasas.

The set is rather expensive and is said to have a poor choice of stone since opals are weak and prone to breakage. As per experts, its column structure is fragile, which is not a great combination with acidic saliva.

Commenting on it, CEO of Rare Carats Ajay Anand said, “If these are genuine opal, we can estimate them to go for about $100 to $200 each,” he further added, “The pavé diamonds likely total around $300 and the custom grill we’d estimate at around $3,000, making the total piece worth around $5,000.”

In the recent past, stars like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have also sported grills from Gabby Elan Jewelry. Well, fashion for the teeth couldn’t get any better than this! Agree?

[Via: Us Weekly]

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