Kim Kardashian left her Instagram fans bewildered with a Louis Vuitton printed snake

Kim Kardashian left her fans perplexed last week when she posted a rather unconventional photo on her Instagram page. The image features what looked like a real snake held in someone’s hand, but the head scratcher was that the reptile’s body was covered in the Louis Vuitton monogram. The social media star has definitely shown a penchant for flaunting monogrammed items on her channels, but some fans were confused by this stunt.

While some fans inferred that “Little Louis” was the product of some smart Photoshop, others were wondering if the snake was real and why anyone would cruelly paint over it. Still other fans were wondering if the hand in the picture was Kim’s own, although we couldn’t conjure up the image of KKW herself holding a snake in her hands even in our wildest dreams.

The wittiest of fans took the opportunity to make a quick Taylor Swift/Happy Snake Day joke! You may remember that back in 2016, Kim posted clips of Taylor agreeing to be name-dropped on her husband Kanye’s single ‘Fame’ by wishing her fans a Happy Snake Day on Twitter.

Are you confused by this Louis Vuitton snake? Or does nothing Kim does surprise you anymore? We just hope the snake is fake, only Kim herself can pull off that amount of body paint.


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