Kristen Stewart gifts Robert Pattinson a Steinway grand piano

Wouldn’t it be great if your loved one would surprise you with something very special (hint: expensive) and meaningful to celebrate a milestone. Well, rumor has it that Twilight actress Kristen Stewart has gifted a piano to her long time love Robert Pattinson for their third anniversary. A source close to Kristen whispered that she was searching high-end piano shops in Los Angeles and has been researching the same with the help of top musicians and finally closed on the $80,000 Steinway grand piano.
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The source also claimed Kristen recognized the fact that “Robert’s been playing the piano his whole life and admits it’s the perfect escape for him when the showbiz world, paparazzi and fans get too much. Playing the piano is Rob’s therapy when he needs to be alone, to think, to get emotional and crazy”. For the sake of Kristen and Robert and for the celebration of their young love I hope the source’s information is true.

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