Kylie Minogue picked as the top Brit Celebrity

When a list features big names like Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench and Sean Connery a non-Brit personality is least expected top the list as the most powerful celebrity in Britain. But a research has proved the impossible! Australian singer Kylie Minogue beat fellow singer Cheryl Cole and former England captain David Beckham to take the top honors. Brit fans look at her as a positive star and a worthy role model. The only other non-Brit personality featured on No. 8, held by American actor George Clooney.

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On the flip side, the poor role models list featured names like singer Amy Winehouse, reality TV star Katie Price, US socialite Paris Hilton, golfer Tiger Woods, sports person John Terry, and TV presenter Jonathan Ross among others.