Lady Gaga gifts Beyonce diamond studded whip for her birthday

Don’t be surprised if you hear Jay-Z singing praises of the nation’s current Pop sensation, Lady Gaga. Let us also add that the praises will have nothing to do with the Poker Face signer’s singing talent. Yes, Lady Gaga is guaranteed to have won Jay-Z’s appreciation after she gifted his wife, Beyonce, a custom-made diamond whip with bra and knickers to match! The opulent whip made out of leather and encrusted with hundreds of diamonds must have definitely cost the star a great amount of dough. Lady Gaga gave Beyonce the gift in Jay-Z’s dressing room after he played with EMINEM in Detroit in the US. The dressing room was reportedly decorated with a lot of balloons and banners. There was also champagne to help the star celebrate her 29th birthday in style. Beyonce apparently screamed in delight after receiving this special gift from Lady Gaga, who also specially sang the Happy Birthday.

Besides Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lady Gaga, the dressing room party had rappers 50 CENT, DR DRE, and DRAKE enjoying the celebrations as part of the line-up for Eminem Jay-Z’s Home & Home Tour.

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