Leonardo DiCaprio gearing up to produce a movie based on the Volkswagen emission scandal

The recent Volkswagen (VW) scandal regarding the manipulation of emission results for some of the company’s newer Diesel vehicles rocked the automotive industry and plunged the German car maker into a myriad of scrutiny. Aside from their standing in the industry, which also led to the CEO, Martin Winterkorn, to tender his resignation and the company’s stocks taking a nose-dive on the market front, the entire industry stands to face the backlash of the situation. Naturally all of this seems to make for great news coverage and of course that always peaks the interest of Hollywood who could always turn a scandal into a great movie.

Already on the scene with an idea for a movie based on NY Times’ reporter, Jack Ewing’s upcoming book on the story about VW, is Paramount Pictures who have bought the movie rights. Leading the production team is the Wolf of Wall Street himself and star of the upcoming Alejandro González Iñárritu movie, Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio who is backed up by fellow ‘Runner Runner’ producer Jennifer Davisson. No actors or directors have been linked to the project yet.

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While VW is making their way through the rather large hole they’ve dug for themselves thanks to the illegally installed software installed in their cars to cheat fuel emissions when being tested, and facing an $18 billion sum of fines that would need to be paid to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for concealing the truth about their cars emission levels, Hollywood is cashing in on the situation it would seem.

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It has the potential to be an informative movie, no doubt, should the details be kept intact, but could also work as a documentary, if the team decides to go in that direction. Either way, it’s a wait-and-watch scenario as far as consumers and movie goers are involved.

[ Via : Variety ]